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Life Care Centers of America’s Whatever It Takes And Then Some program honors associates who go beyond their job descriptions in caring for residents, their families and fellow associates. Here are three of the inspiring stories from our August 2016 winners:


Scott Heap, lead cook at Life Care Center of Attleboro, Massachusetts, came to the rescue when a plumbing issue happened in an outside wall of the facility. He changed clothes, went outside and made a temporary repair, stopping the leak until a permanent repair could be made. When the repair was done, he changed back into his dietary uniform and resumed his duties. His swift action likely avoided flooding in several areas of the building.


Jace Hooper, physical therapist assistant at Life Care Center of Tucson, Arizona, started an “Early Coffee Club” for residents who are up and about early in the morning. He comes in before his shift begins and makes sure the patients receive a nice hot cup of coffee.


Marlena Johnson, certified nursing assistant at Alameda Oaks Nursing Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, noticed that a resident was losing weight and stepped in to assist. Johnson inquired into what the resident liked to eat and found out she likes strawberry Nutri-Grain bars. Johnson makes sure that these snacks are available for the resident when she feels like munching. She also takes the time to braid another resident’s hair because she knows the resident likes to keep her long hair maintained.